Land For Sale #AB999

Land For Sale #AB999
$12 per m2

Published on September 10, 2013 by

Calle Los Romedillos
Abreu (Cabrera)
not specified
SqFt or m2:


Hacienda del Sol is a charming, working ranch located a scant 8 km from the entrance to the famous Playa Grande Golf Course and equidistant to the oceanfront, rural community of Cabrera.  The property offers many unique ocean views suitable for future development or for land for sale.  Financing Available.

The ranch is located approximate 800 meters off the main highway in the hillside along the north coast, Highway 5, offering speedy access to towns and beaches yet remains quiet, serene, and enjoyable with beautiful breezes. The proximity of the ranch to one of the major developments along the north coast, the $450 million Playa Grande Resort & Club that includes the Aman Resort, is certain to make this property highly desirable for future development.  The ranch offers nearly 500 meters of road frontage, electrical access and a nearly pure deep-water well system providing ample water supply.

Key Features

  • 101,873 square meters (162 tareas / 25 acres)
  • Private fresh water well (pozo)
  • 50,000 gallon primary cistern
  • 2 x 6000 gallon secondary cisterns
  • Private roadway through the finca to the barns
  • Stables for animals, feeding area and storage
  • 3000 Gallon Fuel Storage Tank
  • 23+ Milk Cows
  • 6+ Horses

Main House:  We took the original Dominican style house, tore it down and rebuilt it with concrete and a wooden roof while adding another bathroom.  So the house is small but very comfortable.

  • Lot is 1000 m2
  • Ranch house is 80 m2
  • 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom
  • Large Kiokso w/Circular Table
  • Paved Driveway and Garage
  • Outside Bathroom (for gardener and security)
  • Secure Battery / Inverter / Storage Room
  • 2 - 14Kw Super Silencio Generators
  • 250 Gallon Fuel Storage Tank
  • 2 Inverters + 16 Batteries
  • Two Satellite (Dishnetwork and Hughesnet) Dishes
  • All built-ins except personal items
  • 36,000 BTU main air conditioner
  • 12,000 BTU master bedroom air conditioner

Staff House: We built a house for the Dominican and his family who manage the ranch as part of his compensation and he would be very happy to remain.

  • House is 60 m2
  • 2 bedroom / 1 bathroom
  • 1 Inverter + 4 Batteries
  • Major Appliances

Barn Area: Near the staff house is the main barn for horses and feeding area for the cows.

The ranch is rectangular in size with the longest side along the roadway.  A developer would love the ranch as it could be easily separated into “ranchettes.”  There are at least five very nice building spots with gorgeous ocean views on the property.  But it's a ranch and a very, very nice one for someone who wants to live the dream in Caribbean!

finca-17 finca-18
finca-19 finca-20
finca-21 finca-22
finca-23 finca-24
finca-25 Finca-SatImage
View from the front porch of the finca finca-02
finca-03 finca-04
finca-05 finca-06
finca-07 finca-08
finca-09 finca-10
finca-11 finca-12
finca-13 finca-14
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