Here are a number of Frequently Asked Questions about purchasing and owning real estate in the Dominican Republic. This list is hardly exhaustive but hopefully will provide you with an overview of how easy it is to get here, live here and enjoy this tropical paradise.

Where can I obtain some unbiased, fast facts on the Dominican Republic?

The best place to obtain unbiased information on the Dominican Republic is from travel guides and government sources.  For travel guides, we suggest you start with guide Lonely Planet and for government sources you may want to consider the US CIA database.  Additional, more subjective, information is available on DR1 or the Internet portal for the Dominican Republic.

How do I get to the Dominican Republic?

Major airlines fly into numerous airports throughout the Dominican Republic.
- American Airlines flies from New York (JFK), Miami (MIA) and San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU);
- Continental Airlines flies from Newark (EWR);
- JetBlue Airlines flies from New York (JFK), Newark (EWR) and Philadelphia (PHL);
- US Airlines flies from Philadelphia (PHL)

From across Europe there are even more flights available from Spain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Note: This island is much larger than some people think so please fly into the airport nearest to the property you wish to visit.

Is the Dominican Republic a popular destination?

Yes, according to the Caribbean Trade Organization and others, the Dominican Republic has become the single most traveled to destination in the entire Caribbean.

Has the Dominican Republic suffered from the worldwide economic decline?

What corner of the world has not been impacted?  So, yes, there is a noticeable decline in tourism and real estate investments.  But this also opens up unique opportunities in real estate investment for those with the capital to do so.

How large is the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is slightly less than 19,000 square miles in size, about twice the size as the State of New Hampshire and it has over 1,000 lineal miles of beachfront.

Can I drive in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, assuming you have a valid drivers license from where you live, you are allowed to drive here.

Is the government stable enough?

The government here is democratically elected every four years in free and open elections so, in a word, “yes” the government is stable.

Can a non-Dominican own real estate in the Dominican Republic?

Yes. Some of the best information on this is on our site here.

Is a real estate license required to sell real estate in the Dominican Republic?

Unfortunately no, and this is an area of concern because almost anyone can present a piece of land for sale regardless of whether they have the right to sell it or not. This makes it very important to deal with a well-known and reputable agency such ourselves.

Should I retain an attorney to purchase real estate in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, yes and yes.  We strongly encourage all investors to retain competent local attorneys who have knowledge of the Dominican Republic laws related to real estate transactions.

Does your company recommend any specific attorney?

We cannot recommend any specific attorney, but there are a few law firms with sterling reputations in real estate law we can provide you when the time is right.

When I purchase real estate, should I put it in my own name or start a company?

The precise answer to this depends upon your legal and tax situation, but typically people create a new company which actually owns the real estate.

When I purchase real estate, do I get a title or some other legal proof of ownership?

Yes. The Dominican Republic has many laws related to this to ensure ownership of the property is well documented and legally provable.

Is it possible to get title insurance in the Dominican Republic and, if so, do you recommend any specific agency?

Yes, there are many title insurance companies from North America who can provide this service.

Are there real estate transfer taxes I need to consider in my purchase?

Yes, the transfer of real estate is subject to the payment of the following taxes. 4% of the purchase price plus 12% of that tax amount and some additional relatively minor processing fees.

Are there property taxes in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, although they are historically not applied outside of major metropolitan areas. For investment purposes, we recommend you assume there will be some relatively minor property taxes to consider in the future.

Do I need to pay income taxes in the Dominican Republic?

Typically, no. The Dominican tax code only requires payment of taxes on income generated from within the Dominican Republic. Unless your property generates income here, there are no income taxes applicable.

Are there restrictions on foreign investment in the Dominican Republic?

The latest law, Law 16-95 on Foreign Investment, virtually levels the field for equal treatment between national and foreign investments, thus removing all restrictions.

The measurement of land and property for sale is different than I am used to, is a guide to conversions available?

Here is a handy conversion chart you may find to be useful in purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic.

If there is a question we have not yet answered here, please ask us and we will try to get an answer for you.

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