Cabrera is a small, rural community located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic midway between the larger towns of Rio San Juan and Nagua.  Historically, Cabrera, has been an agricultural town drawing its main sources of economic wealth from cattle, milk production, crops and seafood.  Today, Cabrera still gains a significant amount of its income from agriculture but there are a number of exceptionally luxurious vacation homes, villas for sale and rental villas that contribute significantly to the local economy through local employment.

Cabrera Real Estate for Sale

Some of the most impressive of these luxury properties for sale are located within the prestigious gated community of Orchid Bay Estates.  Just past the elegant gates of the secure, beachfront community you will discover massive mansions sprinkled along the oceanfront.  Ranging in size from a modest 3000 sq. ft. up to an impressive 20,000 sq. ft. and more, these luxury villas include some of the villas for sale on this website.

Located about 90 minute from the Puerto Plata (POP) airport and 2 hours from the Santo Domingo (SDQ) airport, Cabrera is one of the most desirable places in the Dominican Republic.  What makes Cabrera such a desirable place to live or to invest in real estate in the Dominican Republic?

The answer to that question is very subjective and depends largely upon the dreams and desires of the individual.  Some say it is the unique topography of the area with golden sand beaches framed by soaring sea cliffs backed by even higher nearby cliffs; all of these locations have magnificent ocean views unparalleled on the north coast.  Others may say it’s the remoteness of the town, which prevents it from rapid growth pains suffered by too much unrestricted tourism.

Whatever the reason for its popularity, Dominican Republic real estate in Cabrera has become some of the most desirable investment property on the island.  Yet, the Caribbean beachfront property for sale here is affordable, plentiful and ready for your real estate investment.  Invest in a luxury villa, for example, and you are able to rent it to a exploding vacation rental marketplace to gain immediate cash flow while your real estate investment appreciates in value.

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