One of the most exciting destinations in the Dominican Republic is Cabarete, located along the north coast a mere 30 minutes from the Puerto Plata (POP) airport.  The soul of Cabarete can be seen daily in the colorful display of boarder kites combined with the snapping of sails from the windsurfers who made the town famous.  But the pulse of Cabarete is felt nightly in the highly popular, golden sand beach dotted with a myriad of restaurants and bars nearly as far as the eye can see.

Cabarete Real Estate

Cabarete is known in the sporting world as one of the best places in the world for windsurfing and kite boarding.  The steady breeze off the ocean combined with the reef protected bay of Cabarete provide the perfect conditions for these hugely popular water sports.  Virtually any other type of water sport, from scuba diving to paddleboats, is also available in Cabarete making this destination a true sports lovers paradise.

Most of the city of Cabarete is located along the beach or just across the main road.  The beachfront itself is slathered in condominium construction from one end to the other (and beyond).  Condos have supplanted hotels in Cabarete so if you are seeking a place to stay for the evening (or longer) you may want to rent a condo as they are affordable, secure and typically right on the beachfront.

The nightlife of Cabarete is as you would expect with a town full of hard-bodies from the water sports; pulse-pounding bars and affordable restaurants.  Yet because savvy real estate investors are here to back or build the many condo developments, you can also find equally elegant and serene fine dining, wine shops and absolutely superb shopping.  Cabarete is a unique combination of the young sporting life and the older investor types and the local Dominicans, the result is a truly one of a kind experience you will enjoy day and night.

Due to the uniqueness of this 'marriage', Cabarete real estate is very desirable for personal investment or as an income producing investment.  Precisely because there are more condo rooms than hotel rooms the condos tend to rent very well to visitors and residents alike.  Indeed there are many residents who regularly live in these rental condos specifically because they want to live on the beach!  So buying real estate in Cabarete as an investment appears to be a good idea as long as the tourism continues.

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